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Many girls have never been bridesmaid dress shopping before. Even if you’ve been in a wedding before, chances are you might not have been involved too closely in the whole process. So, we put together a few quick points about what to expect the first time you visit the shop.

1) How much time should I allot for my first appointment?
For your first visit, expect to spend about 45 minutes to an hour looking through and trying on dresses. This is plenty of time to see our stock, choose a handful to try on, and narrow it down to a few favorites, or even The One!

2) What options are available in your dresses? 
Everything we have here in the shop is available in colors and sizes other than what we have it in stock. If we don’t have the exact color or size you or your ladies need, we can take a look at our swatch books and order it in a color and size that works for you. Depending on the designer, our dresses are available in anywhere from three to three dozen colors, and in sizes up to women’s 30. Some of our dresses even come with the option to change a skirt or a bodice, or allow custom changes.

3) When should I order my dresses?
We recommend that you start looking for your bridesmaid dresses at least six months before your wedding or event day. Though we can often get them faster, it often takes about three months from the time your order it submitted with the designer to when we have the dress in the shop. And that doesn’t even account for time for choosing the styles beforehand, and having alterations done when the dresses arrive.

4) I’ve chosen my dress(es). What happens now?
Once we’ve received all the relevant information and deposits, we’ll submit the order with the designer. The designer then processes the order, cuts the fabric for your dress(es) and assembles them. Once the dress is ready, they ship it off to us here at Lily & Iris, where we double-check it against your original order, press each dress, and then give you a call! From there, you can arrange to have alterations done by any seamstress of your choice. Not sure who to use? Ask us! We work with several amazing seamstresses, and are always happy to pass their information along to you.

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