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If you haven’t discovered Pinterest for wedding planning, you are missing out! We love the chance it gives the bride to keep all her ideas in one place, not to mention sharing them with friends, family, the wedding planner, etc. It’s such a great way to help convey the look you want for your wedding, through lots of ideas and photos. Not to mention a lot prettier and easier to keep track of than a list of links or a binder full of pictures. We’re starting to wonder how brides ever planned weddings without Pinterest!

And now we want you to join us on Pinterest! Follow us, tag us, comments, and re-pin like crazy! Our staff works hard to pin great inspiration for every type of wedding, from local to destination, mountain to beach, spring to winter, and everything in between. You’ll find not only bridesmaid dress and mother of the bride ideas, but great ideas for cakes, stationery, flowers, decor, and color schemes. There is even a little bit of fashion, travel, and home ideas thrown in for good measure.

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