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Often we get brides coming into the shop asking us if what they want to do with their bridesmaids’ fashion is “okay.” Our answer, invariably, is “Yes!”

Your wedding day is all about expressing who you are, who your groom is, and who you will be together. It’s a day to express your own personal style and taste in a way that you get few chances to do. Sure there are guidelines, there are suggestions, but in the end your wedding gets to be all about the two of you and you can do whatever you’d like!

Today on the blog, we want to show you some of our favorite ways to mix up the bridal party. Sure, we love the classic look of a matching bridal party, with everyone in the same color and same dress. There is a classic elegance to that look that will never go out of style. But today, let’s mix it up a bit! What do you think of these bridal parties?

One very popular option we’re seeing has the bride choosing a color and fabric (often from a specific designer) and then allowing each ‘maid to choose the style dress that best suits her body type and personality. Many bridesmaid dress lines, like these from Alfred Sung, offer options that make this very easy to do.

Or add a touch more dimension and option to your bridal party with this next line-up. Choose a fabric and color family, then let each attendant choose a shade and style that fits into your overall vision. You can create as wide or narrow a spectrum as you like, and each girl is bound to be able to find something that works perfectly for her.

Or go a step further and add even more contrast to your bridal line-up. Why not find a beautiful dress that everyone will love wearing, and then choose a different color for each of your lovely ladies to wear?

There are so many new and gorgeous options for dressing your bridal party! No matter what you choose, just make sure it’s an expression of who you are and your personal style, not just what you’ve heard people tell you you’re “supposed” to do.

These styleboards were created by using The Dessy Group’s Pantone Inspiration Board builder. Build (and share) your own inspiration board at

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