How To Order

How To Order

At Lily & Iris, we try to make ordering your bridesmaids dresses as simple as possible.

Whether your bridesmaids live down the street, across the country, or around the world, we can help make sure they have a wonderful experience, and a beautiful dress to wear on your wedding day.


How it Works

Once you’ve chosen your perfect bridesmaids dress(es), we just need a few things to get the order started.



A minimum deposit of 50% of the order total is due when the order is placed. This deposit can be paid by each individual bridesmaid, or in one payment for all your bridesmaids. Payment can be made in person via cash, card, or check at our Salt Lake City shop, or by credit card over the phone by calling 801.413.3233.


Your consultant will need measurements from each of your bridesmaids to help them determine the best size to order.

We recommend that whenever possible your bridesmaids have their measurements taken by a professional (either here in the shop, or by another reputable seamstress, dress shop, or tailor). Click here for a detailed description of the measurements we need and how to take them.

Special Order Forms: 

Each of your bridesmaids will need to fill out the Special Order Form with their dress style and color choice, measurements, and shipping information. You can download that form here. We will also need you and your bridesmaids to review and sign our Dress Special Order Form, which you can download here. Submit your bridemaids’ forms to us via email at


Bridesmaids dress orders take an average of 12-14 weeks to complete  once the order is submitted to the designer. (Though we can do, and have done, much faster! Ask us how.) As your bridesmaids submit their information to us here at the shop we will collect it in a file under your name and wedding date, and hold the order until we receive every bridesmaids’ information. We will then place the order as a whole, ensuring proper dye lots and that the dresses all arrive at the same time.

Of course, if you or your bridesmaids have any questions about any of this, feel free to call 801.413.3233 to speak to a consultant, or send us a quick email.


Forms for Download: 

How to Take Your Measurements

Bridesmaids Special Order Form

Dress Special Order Agreement